What Happens When You Sleep in Makeup

sleeping with makeup

Do you forget to wash your makeup after attending any party or do you feel tired of removing makeup after getting back from a party and sleep in makeup? Then it is going to harm your skin very badly. It is bad to sleep with makeup on.

What happens if you do not remove your makeup before sleeping:

  • If you fall asleep in makeup at night, the makeup entraps dirt and pollutants, and the toxic chemicals of the environment in the skin, as a consequence DNA mutations, degradation of collagen and graduation the sign of premature ageing is being seen.
  • If wearing makeup for a long duration can cause acne.
  • The sleep in makeup can affect the natural shedding or the skin exfoliation process.
  • Wearing eye mascara can spread harmful bacteria which causes irritation, infection around the eyes.

The aforesaid reasons prove that it is bad to sleep with makeup on.

The way of removing makeup at night:

Sleeping with makeup on is a mistake. Since makeup hinders the exfoliation procedure, the skin becomes darker overtime. If you do not have a regular skin care routine, it will enhance the risks of sleeping in makeup. For this one has to follow the routine carefully.

  • You should massage the cleanser over your face and wait for a few Then wipe with a white cotton cloth.
  • The process of removing makeup should be done with care. One can use cleansing oil.
  • One can use steam to heat. If you add a drop of lavender oil then it works amazingly.
  • Your eye demands extra attention while removing makeup. Instead of rubbing your eye, you should use a cotton pad and either oil based or dual phase remover is specifically needed for eyes.

After that you should use toner, night cream gently on your face. When you wake up next morning, you will find a clean and clear skin.