Summer Hair Colour Trends

applying hair colour

Do you want to try some new look in this scorching summer which gives you the classy and stylish look at the same time? Then colouring hair is a good idea for you. In this summer you need some trendy colour which is soothing for your eyes also.

The colour which goes with your personality and colour complexion:

The hair experts suggest that the light hair colour gives you a younger look. Light brown, chocolate brown colours are the best hair colour for fair skin people. If you have a darker complexion, warm blonde, caramel brown, purple do wander.

The summer hair colour which can dazzle in 21 st century:

The most common question is “what is the colour to dye my hair for summer”? Do you think about changing bold hair colour for the upcoming months? Then summer is the perfect time for changing up your hair colour. Fashionista like to colour hair which they can carry with confidence. Soft blonde balayage colour is one of the best colours which are very similar to a baby’s natural hair colour. The vivid summer colour carries the name of summer session, mermaid hair colour is a rich dark base bursting with lots of colour, and blonde with dark roots still rules the summer. Denim hair colour gives a sophisticated look in summer. Face farming colour, dimensional colour are also trending in this summer.

Why people like to take the idea of colouring hair in summer:

There are several summer hair colour ideas. Many people take up an idea of applying colour in hair in the summer for numerous reasons. Most stylish people like to experiment with their hair; some want to change their hair colour which breaks the boring look and gives them a fresh look. Many times, dyeing hair in summer can harm hair and the dyeing colour fades after a certain period at that moment applying hair colour not only gives you a freshness but also sealing down the cuticle for healthy looking hair.

strengthens hair

How to keep your summer hair colour fresh:

There is no way to keep your hair colour fresh. Because summer is the worst time to dye your hair. The excessive sun exposure, chlorine, salt water can damage the hair colour. But summer is the most carefree time to experiment with the new look of hair. So, some precautionary measures like applying deep conditioners choose the best shampoo according to your hair colour pattern. You can book pre shampoo treatment. It helps to reduce breakage, strengthens hair also. Use more dry shampoo.