Use a Hair Straightner Safely at Home

flat iron

Straightening hair is not a big deal today. But some years ago, women and even some men desired straight hair like their favourite actors and actresses on television. Nowadays it is budget friendly also. Surprisingly, one can use a hair straightener safely at home. But before doing that, one should be careful about hair and it is very important to use a hair straightener in the right way.

using hair straightener

Proper way to use flat iron:

One should follow the guide on using hair straightener. Let’s discuss the matter briefly below’.

  • Before straightening your hair, you need to wash your hair and use a shampoo which is hydrating and nourishing also for making the hair soft. Before applying the flat iron properly make sure that your hair is dry. It is dangerous applying flat iron on wet hair. Then comb your hair properly and make it proper order without tangling. Now you are ready for strengthening hair.
  • The next step is to apply a heat protection spray on hair so that it can protect from damage. Do not use serums on the roots. After dividing the hair sectionals so that flat iron can work uniformly. The temperature of the iron depends on the length of hair. After leaving an inch from the root, start to use the flat iron for straightening. You can repeat the method. Then you will enjoy the straight and sleek hair on the mirror. One thing that everyone should keep in mind that he should not use serum before using flat iron and after straightening applying this product on hair gives a shiny look and most importantly it coats the hair with chemical components so that the hair cannot be harmed after using flat iron. Serum should always be applied on dry hair.