Find the Right Colour Eyebrows

Choosing the right brow colour can be a difficult decision for you. Sometimes too much light shade or dark shade gives a completely different look which is not desirable for you at all.

How to choose the right eyebrow colour:

One should find the right colour eyebrows wisely. Experts recommend that just be natural and always prefer neutral toned brow products. When it comes to choosing between the light, medium and dark shade, match it to your hair colour. If you find any eyebrow colour good then apply a small amount of colour on cheek or the skin beside your eyebrow. An eyebrow pencil can be used for this purpose also. Just keep in mind that colour should look some shades lighter or darker than the colour of hair and colour complexions of our skin. For an example, for blonde hair colour, one needs to mix something with a warm undertone for not looking gray colour. For gray hair, most dark taupe brow pencils will give eyebrows a natural look.

eyebrow pencil

How the brow colour guide helps in looking beautiful:

The colour of brows can define your beauty of face whether you are wearing a face make up or not. So, the brow colour guide helps in looking beautiful. You should avoid using black colour for your brows unless your brows are black. So choose the right shade for brows wisely.

The homemade ingredients which give the right eyebrow colour:

Many like to use homemade eyebrow colour without professional touch. This is the right way of making your eyebrows beautiful. Because this is an herbal product and is free from toxic chemical components. The colour is made of semi permanent vegetables dye or henna. Besides this, one can use the mixture of old eye shadow and petroleum jelly which is a problem solving method at a lower budget, the mixture of aloe Vera, activated charcoal and cocoa powder can be useful for colouring eyebrows at home. If someone wants to take red dye in her eyebrows, by making a paste of henna with lemon juice can solve the problem. The mixtures can match your existing shades.

How to colour your eyebrows at home:

It is important to use the right colour eyebrow while following brow colour guides. Firstly, choose your dye then you need to prepare the brows with oily border then the time of painting your brows.