Find the Right Nailpolish Colour for Your Skintone

nail polish

The colour of nail polish compliments your skin tone. It is ok to follow the trend and you can experiment any colour of nail polish which is now trendy. But if you want to be classy then instead of following the crowd you should choose the colour which suits with your complexion.

How do you choose the nail colour to your skin tone:

It is very important to choose the right nail polish colour for your skin tone. Fair complexioned women should choose some sophisticated colour rather than bright red or shades of green and orange. You are advised to match nail polish colour to skin tone. If someone has dark skin tone, she can go for deep shades like chocolate brown, maroons, red or green. She can avoid silver, white which makes her darker. The best tone for medium or olive skin toned women have peach or gold colour. For tanned skin tone, bright shades of blue, orange, purple are highly recommended. These colours increase the complexion more than usual.

skin tone

What nail polish colour gives a younger look of your hands:

You should choose your nail polish colour that suits you. You should choose the nail polish colour that matches with your age, mood also. For younger looking hands one can try for orange, peach based shades. No matter what the age is, taking care of yourself is important for everyone. Not only the young lady but also the women above the age of 50 should not lag behind in the case of fashion, they can try with baby pink, lovely lavender, purple passion are the best solution for them.

The colour of happiness is bright. The yellow, pink, orange carries the warmth.Pastel Colours like peach, light pink can uplift your mood also. All colours like blue, red, green oranges work as a mood booster instantly.