Way to Remove Waterproof Mark

wiping out makeup

Make up is our best friend because it keeps our imperfections under cover and makes us beautiful. The waterproof mask can free us from worry because it can last for a long period even after contacting with sweat or shedding a few tears. But it is difficult to remove this kind of makeup. It is harsh to our skin. So, one should use this makeup only on a few occasions. It is very important to safely remove waterproof makeup.

Why removing waterproof makeup is necessary:

It is very necessary to remove makeup before going to sleep. Because most of the makeups are made of oily ingredients and at the time of skin renewal, these oily substances hinder the pores and cause of acne and pigmentations.

The home remedies for removing waterproof makeup:

The process of taking off makeup is a time taking process but it is necessary to lessen the skin from heavy makeup. There are many makeup removers available in the market. But we can use some home remedies which help in removing makeup. Which are free from toxic chemicals and budget friendly also. Let’s discuss the home remedies briefly.

  • Coconut oil is available in your home, it can work as a magic for removing makeup.
  • Soak your cotton pads with a small cup of milk and use them to wipe off the makeup. For wiping out heavy makeup, you can add tablespoon almond oil with milk. This remedy keeps your skin hydrated and gives freshness to your face.
  • The cucumber is a water based vegetable. It is an amazing makeup remover mainly for oily skins.

How to safely remove waterproof mascara:

stubborn makeupIt is a very difficult task to get off stubborn waterproof makeup. Safely removing waterproof mascara is also a tedious job. One should be careful while removing waterproof mascara safely because it can affect eye lashes badly. Since baby oil is silky and smooth. It does not require so much scrubbing. So, it can be used as a remover of mascara. One should not apply facial cleanser or rub eyes while removing waterproof mascara. Be gentle while removing mascara. The coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil can help in getting off the stubborn makeup. Baby shampoo can do wonder for removal of this also. Even in the worst case if you have any cold cream or regular lotion, it can be used as a mascara remover also. If you notice loss of eyelash at the time of removing mascara, talk to the dermatologist.