Effective Methods for Facial Hair Removal

unwanted hair

The hormonal changes are solely responsible for hair growth for both male and females. Many men like to keep their beard to show manliness. But it is not okay for the female to have facial hair growth on face. It spoils the beauty of women. Many women prefer to remove unwanted facial hair to look clean and fresh. For this it is very important for women to remove facial hair. Women like to remove the hair on the upper lip, chin, eyebrows and sideburns. There are many effective methods for facial hair removal. Let’s discuss that.

  • At-home waxing is one of the effective ways to remove all the unwanted hair. There are two different types of waxing. The wax strips which you have to warm before applying and another is wax that is melted in a warmer and need to apply to the desired area with a stick.

  • Tweezing is an inexpensive way through which you can remove unwanted facial hair. It exclusively works on facial hair. Tweezing lasts for a longer period than shaving. It is useful when you shape eyebrows. It is durable for three to eight weeks. Tweezing gives you slight discomfort.
  • If you are too busy to shave regularly, epilation is the best option for you. It works in a similar way as waxing and tweezing do. But the advantage is that it removes the hair from its root. For this it takes time to grow back the hair.
  • The laser hair removal is an expensive treatment of removing facial hair. The problem is that it damages hair follicles and becomes the cause of hair loss.

The home remedies for removing facial hair:

Applying some facial hair removal ideas for women at home. They are

  • hair removal areaHeat the mixture of sugar and lemon juice along with water until bubbles come and then it remains for cooling. Then apply it. After keeping it for some time then rinse with water.
  • Mixtures of lemon and honey work as a substitute for waxing.
  • By blending oatmeal with a ripe banana, make a paste and then apply on the preferred area and then massage it for some time. After that wash it with cool water.
  • Mix one tablespoon cornstarch and sugar with egg white. Apply this mixture on the wanted hair removal area and peel it when it becomes dry. But this is not suitable for those who have acne problems.