Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth

making longer eyelashes

Many women desire to make their eyelashes longer like the celebrities. For this they use false eyelashes to look longer. But women can get longer eyelashes at home naturally. Castor oil can do this wonder. If someone applies this castor oil on eyelashes regularly, it can make eyelashes longer.

How castor oil works for making longer eyelashes:

applying castor oilOne can use castor oil for boosting eyelash growth. According to the doctors, with proper usage of castor oil, the lashes have less breakage tendency and show some more lustre in two to three weeks. Applying castor oil does not give a result overnight but some benefits are there. Castor oil comes in two varieties. A clear oil and darker Jamaican black oil. Both can be applied near the eye area. The scientific evidence proves that castor oil boosts growth for eyelashes minimally. One should be careful while applying castor oil on eyelashes. The drop of castor oil on the eye can make vision blurry. The other side effects are etching and eye swelling. Castor oil gives moisturizer your eyelashes and gives thickness.

How to use the castor oil:

After clearing eyelashes so that it becomes free of dirt, apply castor oil with coconut oil on the top of eyelashes with cotton. Since castor oil contains high levels of ricinoleic acid, an omega -9 essential fatty acid which helps in thickening lashes and helps in eyelash growth.

Home based approach applying castor oil:

The appropriate time to apply castor oil is at night because night gives more time to oil for saturating on lashes. There are various ways to apply the castor oil. These are explained briefly below.

  • Combining castor oil with olive oil can make eyelashes longer. Olive oil contains vitamin A and E. It is full of antioxidants. This combination is beneficial for eyelashes.
  • Sweet almond oils contain magnesium, vitamin E, essential fats, calcium. The mixture of sweet almond oil and castor oil can make eyelashes thicker; longer. It also shines on the eyelashes.
  • The mixture of Vaseline jelly, coconut oil and castor oil repair the dry and brittle Since the petroleum jelly moisturizes the dry eyelashes.

To get the result effectively, one needs to apply castor oil religiously up to three to six months. Only then you get a noticeable result. The cold pressed castor oil can be the best solution for eyelashes and brows.