Ways to Get Rid of Dry Elbows

dry skin

Dry elbows are a common skin problem for various reasons. Climate changes, lack of hydration, irritants like fabrics or lotions are the cause of dry elbow. Sometimes dry elbows carry the symptom of diabetes, thyroid. So whenever one finds the symptoms, without wasting time he needs to consult the doctor immediately.

Symptoms of dry elbows:

Before treating rough elbows, one needs to understand the symptoms of dry elbows. Peelings, itchy, scaly, cracked or bleeding are the symptoms of this problem. How to take care for dry elbows is the matter of discussion. Let’s discuss that.

Causes of dry elbows:

  • If people swim often, the chlorine in the swimming pool can dry the skin. Those who bathe for a long time and after that they do not moisturise properly, they also face the problem of dry elbows.
  • A person who drinks alcohol much or sweats excessively, he also suffers from this problem. Because they are suffering from dehydration problems, Dehydration causes dry elbows.
  • Those who smoke frequently, their bodies do not get adequate oxygen for chemical present in a cigarette which is one of the causes of dry skin.
  • Those who are very much exposed to the cold, hot weather, they get dry

Dry elbows are much affected in winter. Besides this, air conditioning or dry weather in the summer is the reason for dry elbows.

apply moisturiser on skin

How to get rid of dry elbows:

There are several ways to get rid of dry elbows. Treatment is needed for getting rid of dry elbows:

Treatment is definitely needed for this problem. But Individuals also need to take care to treat rough elbows. Like after bathing apply moisturiser on skin mainly elbows regularly, you can use body wash with added moisturisers, one should wear protective clothes in Sun, cold weather. Do not wear clothes which are made of fabric. Apart from that if a person thinks to consult with a doctor, he can do that also.