DIY Egg Masks for Hairgrowth

Do you find your hair is losing its lustre and looking dull? You do not get time to go parlour for hair care? Then DIY egg masks are the best solution for you. It will save your time and money simultaneously. It will bring back the shine of your hair and the hair gets back its life also.

Why DIY egg masks are beneficial for hair:

Proper consumption of protein helps in growth of healthy hair. Since the egg white is enriched with protein, the hair mask of the egg helps in repairing damage and strengthening hair. The eggs prevent hair loss and fight dandruff.

Benefits of egg mask:

The DIY egg masks help for hair growth. Applying egg hair masks helps in hair growth and thickens hair. It can act as a damage controller and the folic acid which is the component of egg helps in freezing control.

hair mask

Can one use the whole egg while making DIY hair mask:

Since hair is 70% protein, besides the egg white, egg yolk can help in improving hair quality. Yolk is the major source of biotin. This nutrient helps in hair growth and helps in stopping hair loss. The lutein in egg yolks can help in healing brittle hair and also reduce the chances of split –end to improve the total hair texture. The egg white protein nourishes the hair and gives a shiny look. Egg yolk moisturises the dry hair. If you are suffering from oily scalp which causes dandruff, the egg yolk message helps in circulation of blood. Overall it can be said that eggs really help your hair growth.

Ingredients of making homemade hair masks:

  • egg yolkThe mixture of two egg yolks, one cup of water and two tablespoon olive oil can be applied on the scalp to get a shiny thickest hair.
  • Excess hair oil can block your pores; as a result, it causes the skin infection, acne. The mixture of two egg whites, one tablespoon honey and one tablespoon olive oil can help in oil control.
  • The mixture of one egg, three to four tablespoon curd and one tablespoon lemon juice can help in solving hair fall issues.

The problem of DIY egg hair mask:

Don’t rinse your hair with hot water. Otherwise it will be very difficult to get rid of the bad smell of eggs. Instead of using hot water, some lemon juice or orange juice to the cold water can rinse the bad smell of egg. The mixture of vinegar with cold water can remove the smell of egg.